©Marc Medina

I was born in 1978 in Barcelona, a Mediterranean city bathed by the sun.

I am the youngest of seven siblings. My father and grandfather were both doctors. I always knew I would never become a doctor. I have always been more interested in the soul than the body.

Memories I have from my childhood go back to the beach, the house full of people, noise, laughter, and the warmth of the sun and the long summer afternoons triyng to catch the speck of dust carried by the light from my bedroom window. I have had a pencil in my hand since I can remember. My father used to buy paper pads for me and challenged me to paint them all. Keeping me drawing was a way of keeping me quiet so my siblings could do their homework in peace. I am 15 years younger than my oldest sister, and seven years away from closest brother.This distance in age from the others meant spent a lot of time with my mother and it was she who instilled in me a love of art. She would take me for walks, in the historic quarter and we visited the Picasso Museum. She would show me the Dalmases Palace, where my great-grand mother was born and she wolud tell me stories of catalan noble families who lived here. In my head, art mingled with the lives of knights and bohemia.

When I finished school I studied Fine Art in college and received my degree in advanced studies. I spent part of my college years in Berlin, a city that really changed me, with it, sad gray sky reflected in its architecture, so different than the bright light of my hometown.

When I returned to Barcelona, the loss of loved ones changed the direction of my life.

Their apartment in Barcelona was filled with history books, as one of them was a history writter. My husband and I started to document the house through pictures and videos so that their history was not forgotten.

Through this experience I began painting spaces. I became aware of the poetry of arquitectura and how our passage through the physical spaces tells me more tan any human figure. As I looked for light and geometries, I almost completely removed color from my work. This work started in 2004 through an experience of loss and has slowly evolved since grom darkness to light.


I am still in search of light through arquitectura. I make portraits of a life through space and light. I always keep in my memory the light.

Even through my work may have hints of nostalgia and sadness.




 2017 Participation in the Workshop of Antonio López, Universidad de Navarra, Pamplona.

2016 Workshop with Antonio López.


2017 “ARCHITECTURE AND LIGHT”  in Emotion Artgallery , Madrid (Spain)

2014   Galería Victor Lope , Barcelona.

Galería Miquel Alzueta , Barcelona.

2013   Salon Miro, Barcelona.

2004   Galería Arnau, Barcelona.

2003   Sala Lloveras, Arenys de Mar, Barcelona.

2001    Internet-Gallery-Cafe, Bcnet, Barcelona.


2018 SPANISH ABSTRACTION AND REALISM IN BRUSSELS”  at Martin’s Atelier in Brussels, Belgium.

2017  “ARQUITECTURES”    at Fundacio Setba in Barcelona, Spain.

2015    Galería Ansorena, Madrid.

2013   Fundació Vila Casas, Can Framis, Barcelona.

Hipermerc’art, Galería Safia, Barcelona.

2012    Illa d’Art, Galería Safia, Barcelona.

Sala Ebusus, Ibiza.

2011     Galería Montcada, Barcelona.

Illa d’Art, Galería Safia, Barcelona.

2010     Hipermerc’art, Galería Safia, Barcelona.

2009     Galería Montcada, Barcelona.

2008     Galería Montcada, Barcelona.

2007     Galería Jordi Barnadas, Barcelona.

Supermercart de l’Art, Galería Alcolea, Madrid.

2006     Galería Arnau, Barcelona.

2005     Galería Arnau, Barcelona.

2004     Galería ESpai b, Barcelona.

2003     Supermercart de l’Art, Barcelona.

Galería Arnau, Barcelona.